We hope that this finds you healthy and well, and that you can join us for the VVPA virtual meeting on Tuesday, October 20 at 7:00PM.
In this meeting we hope to provide an opportunity for our membership to share and voice questions and concerns, as well as hear from our guest speakers and learn about important neighborhood updates. 
We look forward to seeing you on our screens and come together as a VVPA family!  
Welcome by VVPA President Benjamin Bernouy
Meet the Board of Education Candidates:
 Education Matters (1i, 2i, 3i) and Change for Children (4i, 5i, 6i). Each candidate will give a brief statement about themselves.
(Please email vvpanews@gmail.com with any questions so we can forward them to the candidates before the meeting)
Special Guest Speaker: Assemblyman Nicholas Chiaravalotti 

Don’t miss an opportunity to attend in-person session about Jersey City’s Master plan to be held at Berry Lane Park this Saturday October 17th from 11am to 3pm at Berry Lane Park Baseball Field. Registration limited to 40 guests per time slot! There will be limited walk-in spots available.To register for the In-person event please click here.

WHAT IS A MASTER PLAN? The American Planning Association defines a master plan as:

“A comprehensive long-range plan intended to guide growth and development of a community or region and one that includes analysis, recommendation, and proposals for the community’s population, economy, housing, transportation, community facilities, and land use.” (Iowa State University Extension Service; Sheridan, Wyo.)

Master plans are made up of multiple elements, which are essentially topics or chapters that organize goals for urban growth by theme. In Jersey City, our master plan includes 7 elements;Land Use PlanOpen space, Recreation, + Community Facilities Plan Housing Plan Circulation PlanEconomic Development PlanUtilities PlanHistoric Preservation PlanBike Plan Resiliency Plan TO LEARN MORE VISIThttps://ourjc-jerseycity.hub.arcgis.comSt Matthews Church Needs Our Support!St. Mattew’s Church is a long standing friend and community partner to the Van Vorst Park Association and the Barrow Mansion. Today they need our support more than ever:   

Our Food Pantry ministry is still very much running at this time. In fact, the need is greater than ever right now. If you would like to give specifically to the Food Pantry, you can use the same link and select “St. Matthew’s Food Pantry” to target your gift to help feed our neighbors.


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